MACS is a technique that allows for the selection of sperm with the best characteristics to be used in assisted reproduction treatments.

What is MACS?

The application of magnetic-activated cell sorting (MACS) has allowed for the separation of healthy sperm from damaged sperm for over 25 years. Through this technique, we ensure that we select the best sperm for use in assisted reproduction treatments. By eliminating apoptotic sperm, or those destined to die or cause reproductive problems, we significantly increase the chances of pregnancy.

Who will benefit from MACS?

  • For all individuals who opt for Intrauterine Insemination treatment.
  • For infertile patients with a high DNA fragmentation rate in their sperm.
  • For patients who have not achieved good embryonic quality attributed to the eggs.

How is the procedure performed?

  • To carry out the MACS technique, it is necessary to use biodegradable magnetic particles attached to an antibody (annexin V protein) that can recognize sperm that will die, bind to them, and separate them from healthy sperm.
  • The annexin V-coated beads are added to the semen sample and passed through columns in the presence of a small magnetic field. The apoptotic sperm are retained in the column walls while the healthy sperm pass through by gravity, resulting in the selection of sperm with the best physiological qualities for use in assisted reproduction treatments.
  • After obtaining healthy sperm, we proceed with the assisted reproduction treatment. Our center supports all patients throughout the fertilization process with the latest technology, professionalism, and warm attention. To determine which treatment and technique is best for each couple, we conduct a personalized diagnosis by examining all relevant medical factors and recommended clinical analyses.